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Spinning, Knitting, Crochet etc

I can provide Commission handspinning of your own fleece or pet combings into knitting yarn. Quality knitted and crocheted items or handspun knitting wool for sale. I am also happy to consider knitting or crochet commissions.

Do you have an unfinished knitted or crocheted item that you would like to see completed? Have you found a pattern that you love but can't knit or crochet for yourself? Do you have an old jumper that you would like copied? For any of the above please contact me to see if I can help.

Spinning demonstrations

I am available for hire for demonstrations at events, fairs, shows, music festivals, re-enactments etc. either alone or with the Murmuring Wheel group - four other entertaining and educational spinners. We can demonstrate in historical costume if required. Demonstrations can be adjusted to include, the Great Wheel, smaller wheels of various styles, drop spindles, lucets, peg looms etc. As a group we specialise in Sheep to Garment displays, where a local fleece is taken at the beginning of the day and spun, plied and knitted into a garment by the end of the day to show the entire process.

The Murmuring Wheel Group Demonstrations are becoming increasingly popular, we have appeared at a variety of places and events, including Wetlands Animal Park, The Inkerman Buzz, Bakewell Show, Howden Show and Countrytastic at The Three Counties Showground. At several of these events we ran a joint demonstration with the incredibly entertaining ( and totally hilarious!) Sheep Show.


I offer lessons in various aspects of fibrecrafts, I can also provide talks or interactive workshops for schools, home educators, craft groups, old peoples homes, ladies groups, young farmers clubs etc, tailored to your requirements.

Advice/Consultation for historical filming and re-enactment, I am willing to appear as an extra during filming, also possibility of equipment and props for hire.

I am always looking for new ways to promote my work, any other ideas will be considered.

Please contact me to discuss prices for any of the above services.

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